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The brand new auto I bought has turned out to be a Lemon auto! Can anything help me?

North Dakota lemon laws are there to protect you if you have bought an automobile that's always in the shop, a puppy that's always in the vet's or a RV that can't go anywhere.

The chances are that if you are worked up enough to surf the web looking for the North Dakota lemon laws then you have a lemon on your hands.

We always advise you to go and see an attorney who specializes in North Dakota Lemon law; each state has its own lemon laws so is vital that you find a specialist from your state.

We aren't saying that you can't get your lemon changed yourself, but the lemon laws can be complicated and life can be easier when you get a professional involved.

It doesn't matter whether you have a car lemon, a lemon puppy, a BMW lemon auto, a Volkswagen lemon car or any other type of lemon, they can still push you to the edge of sanity.

Let a lemon law specialist have the headaches, you just want the horrible taste that a lemon auto leaves to go away. Under the North Dakota lemon law there will be no cost to you as the manufacturers will have to pay the legal bills as well.

What can I do to help my North Dakota lemon law claim?

Keep accurate records of all the work that you have done on the vehicle.

Send any correspondence by certified mail

Allow the dealer reasonable opportunity to fix any problems.

Don't wait until the warranty has run out to speak to the dealer or manufacturer.

What isn't covered under the North Dakota lemon law?

The North Dakota Lemon Law does not cover defects resulting from accident, abuse, neglect, modification or alteration by anyone other than the manufacturer or authorized dealer.

Who do I go to in North Dakota with my Lemon law questions?

Look in your local phone book for the relevant Attorney generals contact information, they will be able to give you access to the relevant laws.

Find a North Dakota Lemon law specialist, make sure they really do know what they are doing, don't be shy to ask questions.

If you win the case the manufacturer will have to pay the legal costs.

Remember we always advise you to contact an attorney who specializes in North dakota lemon law, all the information we provide is meant as a guide not as legal advice.

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